Wedding videography

In our wedding videography we focus on telling the story of your day, rather than just documenting the proceedings. As camera artists, we are tuned to everything unique. Our goal is to capture your most exciting and emotional moments in the most glamorous way. In our wedding videography we seek all those little details that make your day so special. Our favourite part of each wedding is preparations, with all the excitement and anticipation building up.

We are dedicated to showing our brides from the best possible angles, so we will be suggesting the most flattering poses and gestures. Every bride is a princess for the day and our mission is to make every bride look like one! In our wedding videography, we love using various detail shots combined with the epic scenic images. Using creative editing, we slowly unfold the romance and tell the story of your wedding day. Captured on camera and edited into music, those moments come together into a timeless reflection of your wedding day – your own cinematic wedding film.

During your portrait photo shoot we don’t just film you posing for photos, but engage with you to create movement and interaction. We give directions to ensure your wedding film looks natural and glamorous. In our wedding videography we create interactions to enhance the film. We work very well with your photographer, saving time during the busy day and making sure everybody gets that perfect shot.

Wedding videography enquiries

These days wedding videography is not just an add-on, it’s a piece of art on it’s own. Those cinematic films tell the story of your wedding day from a completely different angle, capturing the motion and the laughter, the shaking voices and the excitement. They are just as meaningful as a quality wedding photography, if not more. Wedding videography captures images that appeal to many different senses, that’s why they seem to transport us straight into the wedding day!

Commercial video production

We offer a variety of video production services through our commercial brand, House of Vizion. Services include events videography, promotional videos and corporate videos. Be sure to check out our website for more information.