5 Things to Consider While Booking Your Wedding Photographer
  1.  STYLE

Every wedding photographer comes with a specific style.

Some prefer the more documentary approach, where they just follow you around and capture the moments, without asking you to do anything. Other photographers will suggest locations, poses and actions, to get the most out of the location and lighting. There is no right or wrong, it’s personal choice. Some of our clients prefer to be directed, while others… at the end everyone appreciates a little suggestion of where to stand to get the best light!



You ultimately want someone experienced to capture your wedding. A wedding photographer needs to perform a variety of tasks on the day, from capturing moments, to styled product photography (your rings, dress, shoes etc), family and groups, low light photography at reception, portraits and more. While the new upcoming photographers might have a stunning Instagram feed, a full wedding requires some very specific skills. Ask your potential wedding photographer for a full gallery, to see how they deal with all different aspects of the day



Your photographer is going to be in your personal space the entire day, asking you to do things and interacting with you. It’s vital to have a good connection with the person and ensure they make you feel relaxed and calm. Wedding day is high on emotions! The last thing you need is someone who will stress you out. Calm, easy going personality of your photographer is just as important as the beautiful images. Remember, the way you feel will reflect in the photos!



We all want the best of the best. But the budget dictates the rest! Whatever you do, don’t cut corners on booking your wedding photographer! After the day is gone, your photos will be the only thing you have to look back at. If you need to save rather skip something else, like favours for guests (not that big anymore), but make sure you get the best photographer. You will thank me later.



Look at the packages carefully, assess what is included and what is the delivery time. Try to choose a package with a wedding album included. From talking to my Clients I gathered one thing: those albums are the only thing brides look at afterwards, as nobody has got time to over the digital images. And who knows if the files will even be readable 30 years from now! It’s like VHS tapes your parents wedding is on. You cannot play those anymore. So choos e the package with the album and ask your photographer how long it takes before you get to see all your photos.


We hope these few tips will help you choose your dream wedding photographer. We hope you have a great experience in the time leading up to your wedding and you find all the elements you envisioned for your special day.


The Vizion Team