Your heart starts pumping. It is time to pop the questions. The photographer for your engagement is hiding in the distance. Everything is going according to plan. She doesn’t suspect a thing. The moment is approaching and the sun is starting to set. The perfect golden hour is here. She looks away. You go down on your knee. Will you marry me?

Should you hire a photographer to capture engagement? Let me ask you this way… Would you like to capture this unforgettable moment to keep for the rest of your life? The answer is YES.

Many people already had this moment slipped past them without having a photographer for your engagement to capture the moment on camera, but more and more people do exceptional proposals and they do a lot of effort and planning to get the proposal moment right. 

The trend these days is to hire a photographer, then for the photographer to be in the distance minding their own business, keeping an eye out for the perfect moment. They know more or less when and how you want to ask your special lady in your life. After the engagement, the couple does a shoot to capture the sparkle in their eyes and the unforgettable moment that just happened. These images are usually so spontaneous and priceless. You will definitely score some bonus points for thinking a bit further and hiring a photographer for the moment.

We love planning this exciting moment with you and walking with you every step of the big step. From the engagement right trough to your wedding day. It is much more comfortable on the day of your wedding when you know your photography and videography team.

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