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Why choose photographer and videographer that work together?



Why choose the photographer and videographer team? Simply put, we are the clockwork. We know exactly what the other team is doing and we help each other to achieve best results. We communicate with each other and instantly respond to challenges. We have each others’ backs – we know what is going to happen next and we fully support each other in a quest of getting the best images of your wedding. If you plan on hiring both photography and a videography teams, you should definitely consider the Vizion team!

Kat and her troops take care of the photography side, Andre and his team look after the video. Those are highly specialised team that capture your memories in a relaxed, professional way. We love working together as photographer and videographer, because we can be fully in control of the situation and give our clients the ultimate experience. By supporting each other we ensure that nothing stands in the way of your amazing images and video (sometimes literally, haha!). We make sure all aspects of photography and videography are covered, without interrupting the proceedings.

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We are a husband and wife team, where each of us is an expert in a different field. We have identified some of the most talented individuals in the industry and brought them into the team. Photography and video capture a very different aspects of your wedding day. Together, we offer a unique and fun experience that captures the energy of your big day, both in photographs and video. We have been working together for twelve years, creating memories for wedding couples around the world. Capturing love stories is such a privilege! We would love to capture yours.



In this photograph, our photography and video team capturing the opening of Zeitz MOCAA museum.