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As wedding photographers, you experience quite a lot of different emotions during the day. Excitement is one of the feelings that come to mind first, as early as during the preparation part of the day. This is where you get to know the bride a bit better as the nerves take over. Champagne helps with that. It is also the time the bridesmaids are working at their hardest to help keep the bride calm and content. A wedding can be a very stressful time, but it is a good idea to stop and enjoy the moment.

New York Lady
• Prep Part II •

We love to shoot the details of the bride and groom. Some moments we would like to mention are when the bride takes out the dress and when the bridesmaids see it for the first time. The moment the bride is all done, and her dad walks in and sees her for the first time. When the groomsmen get ready and then all those jokes and teasing starts, and you get that uncomfortable but sweet facial expressions of the groom. These photos are the types the couple would like to look back on after a few years have gone past.

Dad Seeing Bride For the First TIme

It is the hour that all has been waiting for. The bride is walking down the aisle. Everybody gasps as she enters the venue, the look on his face, the tear in his eye. For wedding photographers, these moments are like swiss chocolate.


We enjoy it when extra efforts are made to make the wedding even more memorable with the custom-made boards for the flower girls and sometimes even printed aisle runners are used. Some people even have a dance rehearsed where bridesmaids and groomsmen would dance down the aisle on their way to the front. Every wedding and its planner has its ideas and uniqueness. That is another thing we love about our job and taking photos.

When their eyes meet

Another one of our highlights is the bride and groom saying their vows as they give the rings to each other. The look on the parents’ faces, the emotions flowing between the bridal couple. As a wedding photographer, you can already imagine in your head what the edit of the photo will look like. Some you see through the viewfinder already in black and white, some with a filter. Emotions sometimes speak louder in a black and white photo.

I Do

For wedding photographers, capturing the confetti moments is another favorite of ours, not only for photography but videography as well. Nothing captures the action and expressions better than a slow-motion video when the petals flow over your head. We even love some drone footage here to give you the bird‘s eye view of the petals in the air and the bride’s long train and veil pulled behind her. Beautiful!

Petals Flow

Cousins seeing each other again after a long time can be quite entertaining and usually makes for good spontaneous photos when it comes to the family shots. It is always fun to see at most weddings there is that one person that keeps on making jokes or the one groomsman that loves to speak his mind. These usually make for great casual shots of laughter. We love it when you also have a good time.

Fun Wedding Vibe

The love song starts to play, and the MC announces the bridal couple entering the venue. Everybody is clapping hands as the couple gets together in the middle of the dance floor for their first dance. The lights dim, the couple dances their rehearsed dance, and everything feels like a Disney movie. These are naturally favorite moments to capture for wedding photographers.

First Dance

When the speeches happen, we love to capture the look on their faces when the groom thanks his mother and father-in-law and forgets to call them mom and dad. We sometimes feel bad for the groom when the groomsmen shower the groom with streamers, and he is all wet in his gorgeous Armani suit while he gives his speech. The expression on the bride’s faces when the maid of honor gives her expressed thoughts and reveals some secrets and embarrassing stories. Most times the bride doesn’t know where to hide her face. Oh, and then also do not forget the single ladies jumping for the bouquet in their high heels, or groomsmen picking each other up like in a rugby match to catch the garter. These moments are priceless.

Bride Laughing

Us as wedding photographers love all of the highlights of the wedding, but most of all, to capture the in-between moments when it is least expected.

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