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In our wedding videography we focus on telling the story of your day in the most natural and authentic way. Our goal is to capture true emotions in effortless and elegant way. As camera artists, we are searching for the moments that are real: the eyes of the groom when he sees you at the beginning of the aisle, the kiss from your daddy just before he gives you away. Combined with epic scenic shots and real life action, those moments come together into a story of love and happiness!

Instead of posing, we suggest motion that brings out natural interactions. Most of the time we just make everybody laugh, as we roll our cameras and capture those natural expressions. We have the skill to blend into the crowd and become part of your wedding day. Our stealth team seemingly moves amongst your guests, capturing the real laughs and fun.

Gone are days of stiff wedding videography! With the newest technology and vast imagination, we create stories that take you straight back to the wedding day. The trembling voices of your wedding vows, the confetti slowly falling on your face as you walk away from the wedding arch, all those moments are combined into a story as unique as you are. Wedding videography is quickly becoming the most desirable visual form, for its unmatched ability to carry emotions. Let us take part in your special day and put all our skills and passion into creating the most moving and authentic story of your life!

Wedding videos have the power to instantly take you back to your wedding day. These days wedding having a video from your wedding is not just an add-on, it’s a piece of art on it’s own. Videos are just as meaningful as a wedding photography, if not more. Those short cinematic wedding films tell the story of your day from a completely different angle. They capture the motion and the laughter, the trembling voices and the excitement. Wedding videography appeals to many different senses. You can see the guests cheering, hear the applause and watch the groom’s face as he makes his speech. And that’s why the video seem to transport us straight into the wedding day!

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Commercial video production

We offer a variety of video production services through our commercial brand, House of Vizion. Services include events videography, promotional videos and corporate videos. Be sure to check out our website for more information.