We love telling stories through wedding photography. Your wedding day is a story of happiness and love, a story of two souls coming together to start a journey. We are there to capture the true emotions and excitement in wedding photography. Our approach is fun, personal and just real. Brides often say it’s so easy to have us around. We gain their trust almost instantly and they feel relaxed and comfortable for the rest of the wedding day. And that’s our goal: to capture the real you, looking effortlessly elegant!

We blend into the crowd and become part of your wedding day. Instead of posing, we suggest interactions. Rather than directing, we just make everybody laugh, as we snap away to capture natural expressions. Those real emotions are the most precious ones!  

Kat, Andre and Team


Wedding videography

We offer a variety of wedding video packages. A wedding video allows you to experience your wedding over and over again. If you would like to capture your wedding memories and detail with video, feel free to get in touch.